Hazel O’Keeffe
okeeffe@khlaw.com  |  +32 (0) 2 645 5076

Hazel O’Keeffe counsels clients on the regulation of food-contact materials, notably in the European Union (EU), Switzerland, and the United Kingdom, focusing on establishing a suitable status for all types of food-contact materials at both the EU and national level.

Rachida Semail
semail@khlaw.com  |  +32 (0) 2 645 5094

Rachida Semail counsels clients on the regulatory status of food packaging and food related matters in the European Union (EU) and around the globe.

Marie Escorneboueu
escorneboueu@khlaw.com  |  +32 (0) 2 645 5092

Marie Escorneboueu counsels clients on regulatory and compliance matters related to food and drug law, with an emphasis on food and drug packaging, cosmetics, chemical control, and environmental issues.

Christophe Leprêtre
Regulatory and Scientific Affairs Counselor
lepretre@khlaw.com  |  +32 (0) 2 645 5078

Christophe Leprêtre is a life science engineer and scientific advisor to Keller and Heckman’s clients on a broad variety of national, regional, and international food regulatory matters, including issues involving regulations and standards, as well as food processing and technologies.