Photo of Elisa Giusto

Elisa Giusto counsels clients on regulatory and compliance matters in food and drug law, with an emphasis on food-contact materials, food additives, packaging for drugs, medical devices and cosmetics. She assists companies in establishing a suitable status for food packaging articles and materials in the European Union (EU), Member States, and other European countries. She also advises clients with respect to the principle of mutual recognition.

Prior to joining Keller and Heckman, Elisa worked for an Italian law firm, where she assisted Italian and multinational food companies on issues related to the commercialization of food products. Notably, she advised clients on labeling and advertising issues, withdrawals and recalls, and food safety matters more generally.

Today, the European Commission adopted its proposal for a regulation on plants obtained by certain new genomic techniques (targeted mutagenesis and cisgenesis) (‘NGTs’) and derived food and feed products.

NGTs permit more targeted genetic changes than conventional breeding or traditional genomic techniques involving the introduction of genetic material from a non-crossable species, permitting rapid development