Last month, Katia merten-Lentz was delighted to give her insights on CBD and Novel Foods to FoodNavigator.

CBD is considered a Novel Food by European regulators. While many CBD products remain on the market, they have not been authorised by European authorities. FoodNavigator takes a look at the path to compliance and tries to shed some light on the questions of who needs to submit a Novel Foods dossier, what it needs to include, and when it should be completed.

European food law expert Katia Merten-Lentz, partner at Keller Heckman, elaborated: “To get a green light from the EU Commission the dossier has to be as detailed as possible and as consistent as possible, both on a regulatory perspective and a scientific one in order to demonstrate that, first of all the new ingredient is safe and, secondly, the consumer will not be misled.”

Merten-Lentz echoed the conclusion that most – but not all – CBD brands will be covered by a Novel Foods application submitted by their ingredient supplier. “It depends on the ingredient, but also on the other transformations this ingredient will undergo. If one or another process drastically modifies the main characters of the ingredient already authorised then a new authorisation will be required.”

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